Apple iPhone 12 Exchange Offers at Rs 24,900: All the details you need to know

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Apple iPhone 12 Exchange

Apple iPhone 12 Exchange Offers

Aptronix, Apple is running an iPhone 12 Exchange offer, where it is selling the iPhone 12 with a flat discount of 9,900, which can participate in iPhone 12 to 24,900 rupees. Every detail about the Apple iPhone, 12 Exchange offer is here.

Apple iPhone 12 is always a very popular option, and many people who are trying to buy a new phone should always consider iPhone 12 as one of the best options. iPhone 12 has 65,900 rupee prices in India. Some companies allow you to buy iPhone 12 for 50,900 rupees at the number of offers and offer how it works.

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Aptronix, Apple sells iPhone 12 at a discount of 9,900. First of all, the iPhone 12 has a 9,900 discount. On this top, the buyer uses the ICIC Bank, Kotak Bank, or SBI credit card, which accounts for 51,000 rupee prices and benefits from 5,000 rupee refunds.

These retailers stated that if the user replaces the new iPhone 12 iPhone 11, it provides a maximum of 2300 rupees. Suppose someone has the opportunity to replace the new iPhone 12 iPhone 11, 27,900 rupees. In addition, APtronix provides a 3,000 rupee exchange bonus for those who replace old smartphones. So you can bring the same value to 24,900 rupees for the new iPhone 12.

This website also shows that iPhone buyers get discount e-vouchers worth Rs 5,000 from RS to iPhone 12 purchases. The offer is valid for all APtronix stores in the DELHI NCR area.

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